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Knowing how the game of Wallstreet works is the 1st step in your trading journey, which is why with free lessons below I wanted you get this part handled right from the start. Hope you find them valuable and eye opening so we can continue and dive much deeper into the topic in the DiNapoli Levels Academy Program. Best of trading, Joseph Auxano
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"Trading with DiNapoli Levels" The Book

" TWDL Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets" is the most comprehensive book ever published on the practical application of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis by Joe DiNapoli. 300 Pages of trading techniques, DiNapoli style. With the trading perspective provided by this book you will be able to: Accurately place stops for maximum potential and minimum heartache Identify low risk entry levels Predetermine logical profit objectives Utilize the most effective trend-following techniques Position yourself before explosive moves occur Implement the best overbought and oversold oscillator available Utilize the Oscillator Predictor Understand the fundamentals of market action and reaction Formulate a practical trading plan See how most traders sabotage their own goals Discover how to Mix Leading and Lagging indicators across time frames for a high accuracy, low risk trading approach Enter strong, running market moves “safely” Understand how a unique application of the MACD/Stochastic trend indicator tells you where the public is acting and where the smart money is as well Capitalize on buy and sell areas unknown by most traders Benefit from the mechanics of trading thrust The experts say, “The Trend is your friend.” DiNapoli Levels teaches you how to define Trend. The experts say, “Buy strength and sell weakness.” This book teaches you how to buy weakness in an uptrend and sell strength in a downtrend. Then it shows you where to take your profits.
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DiNapoli Academy - Online Trading Course

Why Dlevels Academy Program? Because if you don’t know these frameworks, you will spend years of your life learning what could have taken you one video to learn. The best way to learn anything in Life is to model after somebody that has done it. That is the Easy way. The hard way is to try to figure things out all on your own. It will just take you a Longer time. And it will likely Cost you. Much more. It’s easier for you to learn from a Framework of learning DiNapoli Levels, specifically designed for you. I’ve already done the hard work. You still need to put in the work. I try to make your journey easier.
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Standard Private Seminar

The Standard Private seminars are usually on weekends and are 2 days of thorough review of what is in DiNapoli Levels as well as the introduction of new material that has been developed since the book, Trading course, and DVD were produced.
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Advanced Private Seminar

The Advanced Private seminars are conducted by Joe DiNapoli Himself and they are harder to get into than standard P-sems as we only offer one or two advanced seminars a year. Traders get together, analyze and trade. The process can be daunting for newer traders even though it is required for everyone to attend a standard private seminar before attending an advanced. It is a requirement to come qualified and prepared.
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