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Knowing how the game of Wallstreet works is the 1st step in your trading journey, which is why with free lessons below I wanted you get this part handled right from the start. Hope you find them valuable and eye opening so we can continue and dive much deeper into the topic in the DiNapoli Levels Academy Program. Best of trading, Joseph Auxano
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Academy Program

"Trading with DiNapoli Levels" the Book + Online Trading Course
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"Trading with DiNapoli Levels" The Book

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Basic Private Seminar

Private seminars are held on every last weekend of each month.
Next Class : June 29 -30th
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Advanced Private Seminar

The Advanced Private seminars are conducted by Joe DiNapoli Himself and they are harder to get into than standard P-sems as we only offer one or two advanced seminars a year. Traders get together, analyze and trade. The process can be daunting for newer traders even though it is required for everyone to attend a standard private seminar before attending an advanced. It is a requirement to come qualified and prepared. 
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MasterClass by Joseph AuXano

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