DiNapoli Academy Program (DAP) by Joseph Auxano

DiNapoli Academy Program (DAP)

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A word from Joseph AuXano

Why I created the DiNapoli Academy (Online) Program

What's included?

Online Trading Course

Why Dlevels Academy Program? Because if you don’t know these frameworks, you will spend years of your life learning what could have taken you one video to learn. The best way to learn anything in Life is to model after somebody that has done it. That is the Easy way. The hard way is to try to figure things out all on your own. It will just take you a Longer time. And it will likely Cost you. Much more. It’s easier for you to learn from a Framework of learning DiNapoli Levels, specifically designed for you. I’ve already done the hard work. You still need to put in the work. I try to make your journey easier.

"Trading with DiNapoli Levels" The Book

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I must say it is great. Joseph & Joe did a great job. It is a high-quality course which I watched really well and concepts are clearly explained.

It is prepared by traders for traders. This is the true value of it. It shows the path DiNapoli
traders should follow to become a good trader, showing honestly how markets work and what you need to do to become a better trader.

This is a great complement to the book. Things which are discussed in this course, took me more than 2 years to understand. With
this course, your learning path will be much shorter and it will save you money which
you would otherwise lose on bad trades. Joseph will also show you how to prepare for the trading week over the weekend and supported with live trading videos.
Pawel B.
Your video program is excellent and its clear it is meant as a companion to the book. I wish I knew about your online program before I purchased some of the other materials. I'm told they are complementary but I would have liked the option of getting the book and your program together as a 1st purchase.
Narinder S
I had time and I took it, and I have to say its the best thing for someone who has been off for a while having done a advanced P-seminar then got swayed
away from this business for a number of years. The crystal clarity of the course is amazing and the examples are even better - top notch. The online course has helped me immensely getting back into the game. I love your work and the presentation of it is so so cool. Fantastic!
Howard M