DiNapoli Academy Program (DAP) Preview by Joseph Auxano

DiNapoli Academy Program (DAP) Preview

Sample lessons from full DiNapoli Levels Academy Program

Hello Trader!

Knowing how the game of Wallstreet works is the 1st step in your trading journey, which is why with free lessons  I wanted you get this part handled right from the start.

Hope you find them valuable and eye opening so we can continue and dive much deeper into the topic in the DiNapoli Levels Academy Program.

Best of trading,
Joseph Auxano

What’s the DiNapoli Levels Academy?

It’s everything I’ve learned from my journey towards becoming a Professional trader, learning from Joe DiNapoli, the creator of Dinapoli levels, as well as a decade of active trading the Financial Markets, condensed down to a simple framework, that will guide any Trader that wishes to learn how to trade the markets, using our techniques, in a step by step approach, towards becoming a DiNapoli Trader. It serves to take you from Point A to B – in the most effective way possible.
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What's included?

Video Icon 15 videos Text Icon 1 text file
Day 1 : DiNapoli Academy Program (DAP) Intro :
Joe DiNapoli Preface
2 mins
Trading with DiNapoli Levels - Study Guide Intro
8 mins
Chapter 1 : Trading Methods
13 mins
DiNapoli Learning Path
Day 2 : Introduction to the Trading Methodology
Joe DiNapoli Introduction
12 mins
M02L01 Legacy
16 mins
M02L02 Advice to New Traders
16 mins
M02L03 Trading Psychology and Approach
1 min
Day 3 : Introduction to the Trading Game
M01L01 Understanding the Trading Game
5 mins
M01L02 Understand the Problem of your competition
4 mins
M01L03 Market Manipulation Part 01
9 mins
Day 4 : Welcome to My Trading Room
M03L01 Welcome to my Trading Room
10 mins
M03L02 Trader's Lifestyle
22 mins
Day 5 : Introduction to LIVE TRADING
Trading Higher time Frame Nodes - Quarterly COP on the ES
8 mins
Analysis and Live Trading
9 mins
DiNapoli Academy Program Limited Time Offer
Register for DiNapoli MasterClass - Webinar Training
5 mins

Why Dlevels Academy Program?

Because if you don’t know these frameworks, you will spend years of your life learning what could have taken you one video to learn. The best way to learn anything in Life is to model after somebody that has done it. That is the Easy way. The hard way is to try to figure things out all on your own. It will just take you a Longer time. And it will likely Cost you. Much more. It’s easier for you to learn from a Framework of learning DiNapoli Levels, specifically designed for you. I’ve already done the hard work. You still need to put in the work. I try to make your journey easier.

Is Dlevels Academy Program for me?

If you want to learn how to trade the Financial markets using a proven trading methodology used by DiNapoli traders for more than 40 years, and understand the principle of modeling after what works… YES!

To Master the markets, First seek to Master your tools, and Master Yourself.
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Joe DiNapoli

Joe is a veteran trader with over 38 years of solid market trading experience. He is also a dogged and thorough researcher, an internationally recognized lecturer, and a widely acclaimed author. His formal education was in electrical engineering and economics. His informal education was in “the Bunker”. It is an aptly named trading room, packed full of computers and communications equipment, where most of Joe’s early research began. Joe’s exhaustive investigations into Displaced Moving Averages, his creation of the proprietary Oscillator Predictor™ and MACD Predictor™, and in particular, his practical and unique method of applying Fibonacci ratios to the price axis, makes him one of today’s most sought after experts. Joe is a registered CTA and for over 20 years has taught his techniques in the major financial capitals of Europe, Asia, Russia, the Mid East, and South Africa as well as in the United States. In 1996, Mr. DiNapoli gave presentations to capacity audiences in over 23 financial centres around the globe. His articles have appeared in a wide variety of technical publications across the nation and worldwide. He was a contributing author to “High Performance Futures Trading, Power Lessons from the Masters”, selected 1990 book of the year by Super Trader’s Almanac. He has also authored the “Fibonacci Money Management and Trend Analysis In Home Trading Course”, which has been lauded by professional and novice traders alike. His most significant work to-date is the book “Trading with DiNapoli Levels™”, which has become the industry standard for students of Fibonacci trading techniques. The “Atlanta Constitution” cited Joe’s work by referring to the “magical power” of Fibonacci ratios in the market place.

Joseph AuXano

Joseph is an active trader with more than 12 years of market trading experience. He obtained his degree in Finance in the University of Singapore. His early passion for the markets started early. He was already actively involved with the stock markets before landing his first Job as a Trader at a local Commodity Trading House. His intrigue for the markets continued to drive his search for the Holy Grail of Trading, and his research on Fibonacci Techniques. This led him to the Discovery DiNapoli Levels, the leading authority of Fibonacci Trading in 2007. Since his training under the tutelage of Veteran Trainer Joe DiNapoli, he has since developed as a Professional Trainer and a full-time trader. It was with DiNapoli that he discovered firsthand the freedom that came with trading. He is now trading markets from his apartment by the beach, and he frequently travels around America and Asia, still trading markets on the go. Joseph Auxano is an Authorized DiNapoli Expert, representing DiNapoli Levels Methodology in the USA, South America and Singapore. He sees it as his Mission to help other aspiring traders in their development in trading with D-LEVELS.

DiNapoli Levels Academy

The Leading Authority in Fibonacci Trading Techniques